Kilderson Sena

Hello! My name is Kilderson Sena and I’ve been a PHP developer since 2005. I met this wonderful framework in mid 2009/2010 after having gone through countless others, such as: Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony e CakePHP. At that time, all these frameworks satisfied me in some points, but in others, it left a lot to be desired (just don’t ask what it was because I don’t remember = D).

After I met Yii, at the time in its version 1, I was totally in love with the great gain in productivity, its security, well differentiated architecture and, especially, the high performance!

From this moment on, I started using it in all my projects and recommending it to developer friends. In its version 2.x only the questions mentioned above were even more accentuated, leaving me even more “fallen” by this framework.

As I always liked to share my experiences and knowledge, on August 24, 2015, I started a new challenge in my life as a developer, which was exactly creating content aimed at learning the Yii Framework! See my first video below as I launched this proposal:

After I released this video, many people came after me “buying” this idea and everyone encouraged me to continue. And as you can see, we already have a good collection of videos and posts talking about this wonderful framework.

Is it your first time here ?

And if you are here for the first time and want to know what my proposal is with all this content, just watch the video below and you will know everything!

Social Networks and Contacts

Facebook: facebook.com/kilderson.sena
Youtube Channel: youtube.com/yiiacademybr
Twitter: @derson_sena
GitHub: dersonsena
Linkedin: Kilderson Sena

Ahh! I’m also a member and part of the PHP Community Organization here in Ceará, the community PHP com Rapadura